Google Gears on myspace…with Goole Chrome

I’ve been wondering why I couldn’t get google gears to work on myspace with chrome. So I wrote one of the dev’s:

Hey Jay,

We’re doing some server-side browser checking to avoid the script download if your browser isn’t supported and hadn’t released anything to allow for Chrome to be supported prior to it being launched.  We’ve made the change so it’s allowed and supported in our next deployment, but that won’t happen for a few weeks.

We’ve verified that it works properly and looks pretty good in Chrome, so hopefully your experience will be the same when it launches.  We’ve also reduced the code footprint a bit and improved some of the indications that your local search index is in sync vs. out of sync, so hopefully this new launch will provide a better experience.

Thanks for checking in, hope that helps!

Very cool they took the time to write me! So if you use chrome, you should get a gears prompt when you enter your inbox soon. If you’re on firefox, just download google gears then come back and it will prompt you.

The gears enabled inbox on myspace allows you to do full text searches on your inbox items. pretty hot if you have a TON of email on myspace.

Read more google gears here:

btw: works great with google docs, wordpress, etc.


~ by Jay on September 16, 2008.

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