Nicole Smalkowski

I saw this on another board and thought it’d be worth reposting.

Hey! To all my Atheists friends

My dad had placed an ad in the community section of the local paper for an Atheist group meeting some months back. He recently checked the paper and it was not there. He called the paper to find out what happened. People whom he had dealings with now played dumb. They referred him to the publisher of the Daily Herald a Mr. Orville Knight. Mr. Knight told my dad that he pulled the ad and would not run it again for it is a “spit in the face of all the good Christians”. My dad asked him if he did not think it was a spit in the face on the opposite side with all their religious ads in the paper. Mr. Orville Knight said “No.” My dad asked for the name of the law firm representing the paper so our lawyers can contact them. He refused saying to have them send him a summons to appear in court. My Mom heard him say it on the speakerphone!

This Guymon Daily Herald is the paper that at every chance tried to make my daddy and me look bad they always ended their articles with they was unable to contact the Smalkowski’s. We are not that hard to find. Lets face it they did not want to hear our side. Just slander us. Now they have removed us totally from their archives.
Then came some new editors and we hoped it would be different. Maybe they were just trying to get out of all the slandering they did to our name.

Now they will not let us put in an ad for an Atheist group after it was already in there for a while. It seems that the great Mr. Orville Knight did not realized it was in his paper for a while. Well the loving Christians made sure he did.
If you go to this papers website there is a picture of a kneeling white man in white robes with a beard. Yet a group for Atheists is outlawed. I have seen what the courts and police try to do to my Daddy. I have seen what the schools and police have done to me. Now I see how the Guymon Daily Herald and Mr. Orville Knight have made a joke out of the press. My Daddy says that whoever controls the press controls the country and that Orville Knight is also part of the Economic development agency in this area. Imagine and Atheist trying to get a Business out here with Orville running things! My Daddy thinks that the Christians want to rule this country and that they will try and destroy anyone who stands up to them. I use to think he was exaggerating but now I see he is right. He showed me this book review by the “New York review of books” called ‘A Country ruled by Faith’ by Garry Wills ( I am really scared of those running this country. My daddy says that they spit on the Constitution.

Please e-mail the Guymon Daily Herald,

and ask Mr. Orville Knight, Why Atheists cannot be part of the community and why Atheists who can think for themselves are a spit in the face of good Christians? Why are these people so scared of the truth?

When I am at the store and some of the girls from school walk in when they see me they walk back out. I have no friends out here. The kids in school said I was the Atheist troublemaker. They called my Daddy that in court. My Daddy says there were a whole lot of troublemakers in 1776 they were called Patriots.

My daddy has changed so much he look real nice when we moved here but now he looks so old and worn out. He doesn’t sleep much. I feel so bad for him. He stood up for me. He says the good fight must be fought. He told me to stay out of it but I won’t. He has always been there for me and my mom and brother and little sister. Why are Christians so mean?
Love ya, Nicole Smalkowski


~ by Jay on November 5, 2007.

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