Great American God Out


Nov. 15 in New York

A Party and Celebration for America’s Millions With No Religion

For Immediate Release

NEW YORK, October 29 — The American Religious Identification Survey, conducted in 2001 under the auspices of The Graduate Center of the City University of New York, found that 14.1% of all Americans, or over 29 million, do not follow any organized religion and do not consider themselves to be members of any religious group. That is more than the number of people who identified themselves as Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, and Unitarian combined. It is also almost as much as the number who specified that they were Baptist, which was 16.3%.
29 million people in the United States of America have had no
opportunity for a unified forum — until now.

The first-ever GREAT AMERICAN GOD-OUT! is set to take place Thursday, November 15, 2007. While people all around the country will be celebrating the day in their specific locales, a central party will take place in New York City at METRO 53, 307 E. 53rd St.

According to the Institute for Humanist Studies in New York, Dr. Lydia Hartunian, the founder and director of the day, “[S]ees the day as a 24-hour respite from religion….The purpose of the event is to live as if there is no God, at least for one day. It seeks to raise awareness of non-theism and acknowledge that morality, ethics and goodness can exist outside of a religious framework.”

“People want to see this movement as fun,” said Dr. Lydia Hartunian, a professor of humanities and philosophy at a college in Iowa and the author of Godless: A Female Face for Atheism.

Another goal is to draw attention to and advocate for a clear separation of church and state.

Keynote speakers include Dr. Michael Shermer of Skeptic Magazine , who is also a regular contributor for Scientific American, and Margaret Downey, the President of Atheist Alliance International.

Two live musical acts will provide entertainment during the open bar/tapas reception at METRO 53, including the “atheist rapper” Greydon Square, a council member of The Rational Response Squad (

Prominent authors are already vying to be the featured speaker at next year’s event. This year, however, history will be made as the launch party for THE GREAT AMERICAN GOD-OUT! takes the world by rational storm.

Tickets are available through the THE GREAT AMERICAN GOD-OUT! Web site at: .

Dr. Lydia Hartunian, Dr. Michael Shermer, Margaret Downey and Greydon Square are all available for interviews. Please contact:
Dr. Lydia Hartunian
President: Iowa Atheist Alliance


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