Cheap Xbox and xbox 360 games

Crimson Skies – Works perfect on the 360 and looks better. About 4.95 used at EB.
Starwars Battlefield 2: Works on 360. Kind of broke though in some ways. Ie. When you try to join a game it says you don’t have the content. Hosting works though. Maybe this will get fixed at some point via a emulation profile update. Fun in Single player still.
Halo 2: Like 15 bucks used. Has wide screen also. works on Live. Don’t get the content pack, it’s already on live.
Chromehounds: 30 bucks at eb used. Fun and hard. Good mech game
halo 1: Of course halo 1 if you never had it. 9.95 at eb used.
amped: 4.95 at eb. Works on 360 and live. Works better on the 360 than the original did.
Dead or alive 3: 9.95 and works great on the 360.
Atati Anthology: works on 360. Like 5 bucks at the local video game swap shop.


~ by Jay on December 10, 2006.

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