Type O negative – Christian Woman live

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So sad Pete is gone. Enjoy.



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I don’t write much here. My attention span sucks.

Yo yo

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Bill O’Reilly is an asshole

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May 31, 2009 | When his show airs tomorrow, Bill O’Reilly will most certainly decry the death of Kansas doctor George Tiller, who was killed Sunday while attending church services with his wife. Tiller, O’Reilly will say, was a man who was guilty of barbaric acts, but a civilized society does not resort to lawless murder, even against its worst members. And O’Reilly, we can assume, will genuinely mean this.

But there’s no other person who bears as much responsibility for the characterization of Tiller as a savage on the loose, killing babies willy-nilly thanks to the collusion of would-be sophisticated cultural elites, a bought-and-paid-for governor and scofflaw secular journalists. Tiller’s name first appeared on “The Factor” on Feb. 25, 2005. Since then, O’Reilly and his guest hosts have brought up the doctor on 28 more episodes, including as recently as April 27 of this year. Almost invariably, Tiller is described as “Tiller the Baby Killer.”

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nanci pelosi

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nanci pelosi has really big tits.

Kevin Rose / Trent Reznor on new Iphone app

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Read about it here. Cool stuff!


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I really should post something… does anyone even read this shit???